From Nashville, TN

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Rock-“Never Been To Spain”, Nashville, TN

Country-“Untangle My Mind”, Nashville, TN

Country-“Don’t Go To Strangers”, Nashville, TN

Rock & Country Mix-Live Stream Closed Set, Nashville, TN

Rock-“Let Her Cry”, Nashville, TN

Rock-“Slow Ride” Outro Clip

Rock-Compilation #1

Country-“Neon Moon”, Cheyenne, WY

Country-“Kiss You All Over”, Cheyenne, WY

Rock-“Trying To Live My Life Without You“, Grantville, PA

Country-“Burnin’ Love“, Mandan, ND

Country-“Drift Away”, Cheyenne, WY

Country-“Save A Horse”, Cheyenne, WY

Country-“Fast Forward”, Cheyenne, WY

Country-Honky Tonk Combo, Cheyenne, WY

Country-Longhaired Country Boy & TN Whiskey, Cheyenne, WY